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What Every Kitchen Needs: A Kitchen Appliances List

what every kitchen needs

Alfred Hitchcock said it best when he observed that:

“Happiness is a small house, with a big kitchen.” The heart and soul of any household, these rooms provide the perfect place to share food as a family and entertain guests with extravagant dinner parties. However, not all kitchens are made equal!

A key factor that separates the good from the bad? Appliances.

That’s right, the appliances you have in your kitchen make an almighty difference to the look, feel, and function of the space. Have you been hunting for a complete kitchen appliances list so you can kit yourself out with everything you need?

Well, you’re in the right place. Today we’re going through a list of essential kitchen appliances that everyone should have in their house. Check them out.


No modern-day fully-functioning kitchen’s complete without a refrigerator in it! These crucial appliances help you keep food fresh, stop leftovers from spoiling, and reduce waste as a result. Oh, and they keep your drinks nice and cold too!

As you know, refrigerators come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Make sure you buy one that’s a) big enough for your family and b) energy-efficient.

We also recommended spending a little extra on a refrigerator with attached freezer space. These food storage appliances offer handy dual-functionality and save you money overall by removing the need for a separate freezer.


Unless you plan on eating raw food every night, you’ll need to buy a high-quality range to cook on too! With gas and electric models available in different sizes and styles, though, the tricky part’s choosing the right one for the job.

Once again, the best option will come down to your individual needs. Take the size of your family, the type of food you enjoy cooking, and your budget into account. For example, larger families who love roasted or baked meals will need a bigger range! The same is true for anyone who enjoys throwing dinner parties for big groups of guests.

Never use the oven? Think about investing in a stove instead. You’ll save some money and have all the functionality you really need.


Some homeowners refuse to have a microwave in their kitchen. Why? Because various conspiracy theories exist pertaining to the impact they have on your health.

Look past that supposed issue, though, and microwaves are highly practical kitchen appliances that are ideal for anyone who wants to reheat meals and/or beverages in a hurry. Likewise, if you buy pre-cooked meals from the grocery store, then you’ll love the convenience of being able to prepare them in a microwave oven.

Try to find models that:

  1. Are the right size for the counter space that’s available,
  2. Are energy-efficient,
  3. Have various pre-set options for added convenience, and
  4. Pack enough power to reheat meals in record time.

Electric Kettle

Can you imagine having a kitchen without an electric kettle? You’d have to boil water in a pan on the stove each time you wanted a cup of tea or coffee! Save yourself the hassle by investing in a first-rate kettle that’s so energy-efficient it boils water in seconds.

For longevity and aesthetics, we recommend buying one made from stainless steel. They’re sleek, modern, and durable enough to stand the test of time. Electric glass kettles are another attractive option here, but they cost much more money.


Practical and inexpensive, toasters are essential small appliances for anyone who enjoys toasted bread or bagels for breakfast. Not only that but the various colors and styles available help you to find one that adds to the visual appeal of your kitchen.

Want our advice? Treat your toaster as an investment. It might be tempting to purchase a budget-friendly model, but costlier ones made with sturdier materials will both last longer and function better.

Size matters here too, of course. If you have a hungry family to feed in the mornings, then make sure you buy a toaster with enough space for more than two slices of bread! It might seem like a minor thing, but being able to cook four (or more) pieces at once will save time and simplify your breakfast preparations.

Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal installation is an oft-overlooked kitchen appliance that offers all sorts of benefits. First and foremost, putting food scraps in the garbage disposal prevents the plumbing system from getting clogged up! In worst-case scenarios, these clogs can be so bad that you have to hire a professional (and expensive) plumber to sort them out.

The environment benefits as well though! Putting your scraps in here instead of the trash helps reduce the amount of waste in the world. Better still, those scraps can be rerouted from the unit itself and transformed into things like fertilizer and/or renewable energy.


Anyone who’s partial to a healthy morning smoothie or post-workout protein shake should buy a blender for their kitchen. These clever appliances whizz up all manner of ingredients in moments! They’re also super versatile, with soups, sauces, dips, juices, and desserts all on the menu as well.

As always, though, you get what you pay for when it comes to blenders. Cheaper models perform okay, but splashing out on something more expensive will pay dividends in terms of power and durability. You’ll enjoy fewer chunks and smoother results all-around!

Don’t Forget This Kitchen Appliances List

Of all the rooms in your property, we’d bet our bottom dollar that your kitchen’s a central hub of activity! After all, as the heart of any home, this is where you cook food, share meals, play games as a family, and entertain guests.

Let’s face it, though, no kitchen’s complete without its appliances. Only when it’s fully fitted with everything you need does it become such an irreplaceable part of the house. If you’ve been wondering what to buy for your kitchen, then we hope this kitchen appliances list has proved useful!

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