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How to Reheat French Fries in Microwave?

how to reheat french fries in microwaveBoth adults and children are equally obsessed with French fries. This meal is very easy to prepare and goes well with other fast foods or home-prepared meals. Despite being one of the most frequently consumed meals, reheating French fries isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Many of us end up discarding leftover French fries because we are afraid they won’t taste as good the next day. What if we told you that you can reheat French fries and still get to enjoy their unique taste and crunchiness? If you are wondering how to reheat French fries in Microwave? A convection microwave by itself is the only secret ingredient. Here are some of the ways you can warm your day-old French fries without losing the taste and crispiness.

Method 1 – Using Oil

There are many products needed to prepare French fries. You will need potatoes, and it is also advisable to get the best french fry cutter as this makes your work easier. The other key ingredient is oil. And the latter is the only ingredient needed to reheat your French fries.

People add oil when reheating French fries to prevent the moisture inside from escaping, thus compromising the crispiness of the fries. The idea behind this is the fact that water is repelled by oil. Despite being an easy way to reheat fries, oil can sometimes overcook the outer layer, thus making the fries over-crispy.

To reheat French fries using this method, remove them from the fridge. Give them at least 15 minutes to return to room temperature, then pour your fries into a bowl, followed by oil. You can choose between vegetable and olive oil. Please put them in the Microwave for about five minutes with the temperature at 75%. Let the fries sit for a minute or two before adding salt and eating.

Method 2 – Using Paper Towels

If you were contemplating how to reheat French fries in Microwave using paper towels? Well, the goal of this second method is also to prevent moisture from escaping the fries. But, instead of using only oil that may over-cook the fries, we will use paper towels as well.

This process is a bit more hectic, but it is worth it. You will need to layer the microwave dish with paper towels, pour some leftover French fries on it, and then spread some oil before covering the fries with another paper towel. As mentioned earlier, the paper towel will prevent the escape of moisture, thus ensuring your fries don’t lose their crispiness and taste. Put the covered fries in a microwave and reheat them for five minutes. Once ready, throw away the towels, and your fries will be ready to eat.

Method 3 – Use a Crisping Tray

Not everyone owns a crisping tray, but you should consider getting one if you are a French fries enthusiast. This tray isn’t just ideal for reheating French fries, but it can also prepare them. So, having it in your home is a worthy investment. What a crisping tray does is it distributes heat evenly all over the food. It comes with a lid that traps any moisture inside the tray. Therefore ensuring all the fries are evenly heated without losing taste.

To reheat French fries using a crisping tray, you will need some oil and a microwave. Even the smallest microwave oven should be good enough to warm the fries for you. Before inserting the fries on your crisping tray in the oven, ensure that they are well-coated with oil. Unlike the above two methods, using a crisping tray requires exposure to heat for about ten minutes. After this duration, you can always go back and confirm if the fries are reheated by looking at their exterior look. If not warm enough, you can always throw them in for another two minutes.

Why Do Leftover Fries Taste So Bad?

When still fresh, French fries taste amazing. However, once you put them in the fridge for a day, they become slick, soft, and lose their once crispy flavor. Reheating the fries reinstates the taste it once had. And you don’t have to throw them away. Reheating fries is considered safe, and as long as you store them in the fridge right away, you don’t have to worry about bacteria. When you reheat fries, they become as fluffy and crispy as they once were. The problem with fries is that they can’t be reheated several times as they will become rubbery and lose their taste completely.

What is the Importance of Oil When Reheating Fries?

Oil plays a critical role in preventing moisture from escaping the inside of the fries. Now, if you heat them without oil, there is a good chance that moisture will escape, and the French fries will no longer be crispy. Paper towels also do the same job. Using them side by side ensures your fries remain crispy. You can use either vegetable or olive oil.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, the above guide on how to reheat French fries in Microwave will help you enjoy your leftover fries without having to throw them away. Also, if you are a French fries enthusiast, investing in a crisping tray will make it easier for you to reheat and cook your favorite meal.

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