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How to Fry Chicken in a Pressure Cooker At Home?

how to fry chicken in a pressure cooker


You don’t need to live in the south to love fried chicken. This famous crispy dish is served worldwide in some of the well-known fast-food restaurants on the chain, such as KFC and Popeyes. Or you can skip takeaway – KFC is not entirely useful anyway – and how to fry chicken in a pressure cooker at home. You’re halfway if you already have some pressure cooker, including the famous Instant Pot. Nothing can be more beneficial than getting rid of this stink of your destiny and knowing what awaits you after all your hard work.

The pressure cooker is not the same as the deep fryer

However, keep in mind that pressure cookers are not deep containers, so you need to take additional steps to get rid of them. This means you can’t recreate the famous KFC recipe at home; that’s why you need a real deep frying pan.

Some recipes contain instructions for cooking fried chicken in a pressure cooker, but this is not recommended. The effects can be frustrating. Instead, he learned to operate with high pressure, not against him — the secret to getting crispy chicken alternatively of fried chicken.

How to cook crispy chicken with a pressure bowl?

Since you can’t cook fried chicken in a pressure cooker or a pan, you’ll have to rely on several other ways to achieve this fragile skin. This includes using a pressure cooker or slow cooker to smooth the chicken and flavor and reduce fat.

More cooking tips for crispy chicken crisis

Learn how to fry chicken in a pressure cooker?

If you are on a diet, the fried chicken may not be on the menu due to excess oil fat. However, did you know that fried chicken can already be a healthy meal if you know how to cook it? The chicken roasting oven is a trick to make it a healthy recipe. When you bake chicken, you still get a crunchy piece of fried chicken without fried butter. You can also do other work while baking chicken. Now, check out the detailed process of frying chicken in the oven:

  1. First of all, choose your favorite chicken slice. To roast in the oven, you can use any piece of chicken, such as breasts, wings, drumsticks or drumsticks. It is better to split the chicken into smaller pieces for a more delicious result. However, make sure that your slices are not too small, as they will be cooked over high heat. Chopping chicken into very small pieces will make it dry before the bread becomes crispy. It is also not recommended to cut them into large pieces, as this can burn the paint before it is inside. Then, do you have to occupy the bones or not? Well, it depends on your personal preferences. Naturally, boneless breasts and hips are a great option, as you can take them with less trouble. If you leave the bones intact, remember that cooking time will increase.


  1. The second thing to do is cover the chicken. There are many coating methods that you can choose to make fried chicken. The first is the 1-2-3 method. It involves three steps: remove the chicken from the marinated flour, place it in the egg or milk wash, and then fail to bake. The second method is almost the same as the first method. Just soak the chicken in an egg or milk, then pour it into the bread.


  1. After covering the chicken, you can cook it. If you’re committed to a healthy diet, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t need to fry it in large quantities of oil. First of all, it is necessary to heat the oven to 400 ° F. Prepare a baking dish and grease it slightly. Choose a large baking dish that can hold all the chicken pieces. If the chicken parts are too thick, it is difficult to get them evenly brown.


  1. Once the chicken is baked, it’s time to enjoy it. It is effortless to make healthy fried chicken. Alternatively, you can use baking time to clean the cabinet or mash.


Now that you have the knowledge on how to fry chicken in a pressure cooker, it is time to put it into practice. Start learning how to cook fried chicken. Feel free to try customization. The recipe is just a guide, and you don’t need to follow it in the book.

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